A Woman’s Guide to Leadership: Credibility, Communication,  and Power

This seminar is about awareness and conquering the internal and external barriers women confront in leadership. The origin of the rules of engagement, how to take charge and enhance your credibility employing code switching tactics will be identified. The Twelve A’s that serve as stumbling blocks and methods for eradicating them and breaking the “he” and “she” code are outlined. The ability to become self-conscious, self-aware and monitor her communication is emphasized. This is an interactive program that includes self-assessments and exercises. All the leadership behaviors identified can be learned by anyone.

The Origin of the Rules of Engagement

  • From the Playground to the Boardroom
  • The Seven Most Asked Questions About Gender : Men and Women as Two Distinct Subcultures
  • The Fear of Success Syndrome
  • The Confidence Code

Expanding Your Presence

  • The Twelve A’s to Axe: Ways Women are Socialized that Create Stumbling Blocks
  • How to achieve the Balance of Being Assertive
  • Letting Go of Approval and Affiliation

Smart Talk: Being Heard and Taken Seriously

  • 5 Ways Women and Men Manage Conversation
  • Taking Charge versus Taking Care
  • How Process versus Goal Oriented Talk can undermine credibility
  • Unlocking your Credibility

It is What We Don’t Say that Means A Lot

  • Nonverbal Cues that Enhance Credibility
  • The Top 5 Noverbals that Undermine Credibility
  • What is Means to “Walk the Walk”

How Leadership is Achieved with Code-Switching

  • What is the Code-Switching Style?
  • How Code Switching is a Blend of Two styles-Masculine and Feminine: A Synergistic Approach to communication
  • How Code Switching is Strong and Soft, Assertive and Straightforward
  • How Code Switching is Flexible and Adaptable

Wrap-Up: Back to Work as a Visible, Credible Employee-Enforce the Opportunity and Success You Deserve

  • Breaking the “He” and “She” Code
  • How to Become Self-Conscious, Self-Aware and Self Monitor Your Communication