Victors without Victims


“Victors without Victims: 90 Ways to Manage conflict for a Positive Outcome”

Conflict is inevitable. Anger, blame, grudges are not. Conflict is normal and occurs in every arena of life. We can’t avoid conflict, but the way we deal with it will determine whether it is a destructive or constructive force. Guidelines and techniques for opening the lines of communication, boosting morale and fostering teamwork in conflict situations will be offered.


  • Understand the strategic importance of building coalitions and maintaining
    in a conflict.
  • Increase awareness of how our attitude toward conflict impacts how we do conflict.
  • Identify ways to approach a relationship problem and the targets for change.
  • Suggest behavioral modification principles that can be employed with difficult people.
  • How women’s conflict mantra, “Harmony is normal and conflict is abnormal,” impacts conflict outcomes.
  • How men’s conflict mantra, “Winning at any costs is the name of the game,” impacts conflict outcomes.
  • Identify communication strategies to manage conflict: I versus You, anticipation, self-interest, meta-talk, limit setting and the importance of consequences.
  • Analyze the appropriate use of five conflict styles: competition, compromise, collaboration, accommodation and avoidance.
  • Suggest the power of a positive “no” with the yes-no-yes strategy to maintain  relationships in a conflict.
  • Identify critical ground rules for managing a conflict.