Your Generation or Mine? Managing the Generation Mix

This course identifies the primary four-generation mixes that compose the workforce: Silent, Baby-boomer, Generation X and Generation Y. A profile of their characteristics, what matters most to them and how to manage and work with them will be offered.

Because most, if not all, work places are composed of several generations, inter-generational conflict is inevitable. Thus, this portion will help you understand the different dimensions of generations, what values are most important to each generation, and how to best manage each generation type in a manner that is conducive to a healthy work environment.

Cross Generational Complaints!

  • “No one wants to pay their dues anymore,” complains a 56-year-old. “They want the corner office right now without earning it-or sacrificing for it. These young people just don’t have our work ethic.”
  • “If I could change one thing about my job,” says a twenty-something,” it would be the corporate people I have to deal with day in and day out-stuffy, been-there-longer-than-God types, set against any type of change.”
  • A 19-year-old explains: “The oldest boss doesn’t like kids. He doesn’t want to talk with you. He grunts in acknowledgment that you’re there. He thinks what older people are doing is more important.”
  • Identify some cross generational complaints
  • Understand the profile of the Silent, Baby Boomer, X and Y Generations
  • Recognize what matters most to each generation
  • Identify how to manage the generations mix.