Ouch! That Hurts! Dealing with Difficult People

 You may call them “inhuman resources.” They are difficult people. Dealing with them is a challenge and often leads to feelings of hopelessness and frustration. This presentation will identify tactics for disarming games and contentious tactics including manipulation, blame, sabotage and bullying will be emphasized.

  • What are the payoffs for being difficult?
  • Don’t Be the Hot Reactor
  • The Seven Principles to Keep in Mind
  • The targets for change: other, system and self
  • Aiding and abetting: contributing to the success of the difficult person
  • Assertive persistence: disarming games
  • Nice people make me nervous: what’s really behind that smile
  • Standing your ground: Don’t be a doormat
  • How to take care of yourself when dealing with difficult people
  • Moving through unfinished business