Nice Girls Don’t Do Conflict

Women try to get over anger like they are getting over the flu!
The Princessa
Harriet Rubin



Generally, nice girls don’t cause conflict. Conflict is not feminine. Women are supposed to be the peacemakers, both at the office and at home. Women are taught to be cooperative and play the role of peacemaker. Their job supposedly is to not rock the boat; men get that role. A woman’s world revolves around connection and relationships, and they place a premium on interdependence so high, in fact, that women tend to avoid and accommodate others in conflict situations. They often say “yes” when they want to say “no.” They go along to get along. They sacrifice what is important to them and don’t get their needs met.

  • From the moment she is pulled out of the womb: Where nice girls begin
  • Sex Role Prescriptions: Independent (He) versus Interdependent (She)
  • Don’t Rock the Boat
  • Be Nice at All Costs: High Rates of Depression and Low Self Esteem
  • Why We Don’t Respect Women Who Don’t Speak Up: The Erosion of Credibility
  • Rules of Engagement: Accommodation and Avoidance
  • The “Damn if you do” and “Damn if you don’t syndrome”
  • Speak up now!
  • Going from Victim to Victor
  • Do any of these themes resonate with you?

Taking care of others
Taking a back seat
Acting dumb
Suffering silently
Waiting to be saved
Playing nice