Services by Audrey

Audrey offers one-hour, two-hour, half-day (up to three hours), full-day (up to six hours), and two-day training sessions on any topic. Call Audrey’s office for fee structure. Click here for more information about training and workshop topics.

Audrey provides keynotes on all her topics. Her style is dynamic, humorous and content filled. Keynotes are any length up to an hour.

Personal Coaching
Audrey provides one on one coaching for the improvement of communication skills, public speaking, communication style and dealing with conflict are primary areas of coaching.

Consulting Services
Audrey’s services are enlisted by individuals who would like to improve their interpersonal skills or by human resources departments on behalf of an individual. Three of her most requested issues are public speaking, working with difficult people, and sexual harassment.

One-on-One Coaching for Prevention of Sexual Harassment
Audrey conducts one-on-one coaching for prevention of sexual harassment.
This coaching has been successful in eliminating “repeat” offenses and involves exercises, critical discussion of past incidents and case studies. Clients employ Audrey for first time “offenders” and high value employees.

Cultural Snapshot
Organizations wanting to check their diversity barometer or change their overall culture employ Audrey’s consulting services to help them. She conducts face-to-face interviews with employees at every level, conducts focus groups, and solicits data via anonymous surveys. She collates all data and submits a report in which she identifies issues and recommends areas of change. She then works with the organization to facilitate desired changes through customized training and group facilitation. Her services have been successfully utilized by the semiconductor industry, telecommunications industry, a big four accounting firm, a major hotel chain, law firms and city government.

Expert Witness
Audrey serves as expert witness in sexual harassment and sex discrimination lawsuits for law firms and human resources departments.