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August 2011 Newsletter
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The Lost Art of Showing Gratitude:
A Business Mandate
gra-tə - tüd - tyüd

Unfortunately, the etiquette or what our mother used to refer to as “good manners” and what I call treating people with respect is deteriorating. No one writes a thank you note anymore.

People don’t express appreciation. If you want a behavior to repeat itself, acknowledge it. Show gratitude.

Although gratitude is a noun, we need to make it a verb and put it into action. I believe there are several motivations for the lack of gratitude

  • People take things for granted.

  • People who do not feel good about themselves cannot recognize or demonstrate appreciation of others’ good deeds, hard work, etc.

  • Passive-aggressive. People don’t want to show appreciation because they harbor some kind of hostility or resentment.

Albert Schweitzer, the Nobel Peace Prize recipient, once said, “At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person. Each of us has cause to think with deep gratitude of those who have lighted the flame within us.”

Not only is this a business mandate but, of course, carries into our life outside of work.

Make it a daily habit to express gratitude for the people who help you out, prepare a nice meal, pick up your slack when you are busy or cover for you.

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Audrey Nelson PhD. is an international trainer, key-note speaker, consultant and author who works with organizations to increase their productivity and profitability through winning communication strategies.

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Audrey signed a contract for her third book with Pfeiffer an imprint of Wiley & Sons, Inc
Working title: The Gender Communication Handbook due on bookstore shelves Spring of 2012. It will be a hardback professional book that will be the source on gender communication.

mens arrow  Audrey was consulted for an article for June 2011 issue of Men’s Health magazine. Look for it on news stands! - Click here for article

Smart Talk
August 2, 2011
Denver, Colorado
Information: Kathy Thorpe

arrowStanford Hospital and Clinics
Victors without Victims:
August 26, 2011
Palo Alto, California

arrowAmerican Society of Training and Development
Smart Talk:
September 13, 2011 - 11:30 am-1 pm
Embassy Suites, Colorado Springs
7290 Commerce Center Drive 80919
Information: Debbie Cronk

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Audrey recently conducted conflict management training for the USFS Region-6 Fire Leadership.

Audrey presented a keynote to ORACLE Women Leadership (OWL) on
Code Switching

Audrey has been asked to be the guest expert on communication and Code Switching bi-monthly for FOX Denver KWGN.

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KWGN-TV, Denver
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What People are saying about Audrey

Farm Credit Council Services
The Art of Conscious Communication

  • Audrey is very intelligent and has great useful information. Excellent stuff that will be very useful
  • I will use the tools learned to be a better listener. Removing distractions, maintaining eye contact and not formulating my response before the other person is finished talking. Remembering just how different male/female communication is

Get your copy!

Code Switching: How to Talk so Men will Listen
Claire Brown Ph.D. and Audrey Nelson Ph.D.
Penguin Group-Alpha Books
ISBN 978-1-59257-926-6

Code Switching: How to Talk so Men will Listen is a hands-on tool for everyday use at the office. It is a practical resource with how-to steps to help businesswomen conquer the communication nuances between men and women in the workplace. This book explores the gender impact on business talk. It teaches using true stories and case studies, while providing valuable “code-switching” tips to help women gain and strengthen credibility and make a greater impact on the job

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How to Talk so
Men will Listen -
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