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March 2018 Newsletter

Who is Audrey?

Audrey's Blog

Audrey Nelson PhD. is an international trainer, key-note speaker, consultant and author who works with organizations to increase their productivity and profitability through winning communication. strategies.

You can reach Audrey at
or at 303.448.1800 O -  303.448.1802 C

Audrey is co-chair of the Diversity and Employee Relations PDG for Mile High SHRM.

SHRMSHRM is a preeminent and globally recognized HR professional society whose leadership, perspective, resources and expertise are sought and utilized to address the most pressing, current and emerging human resource management issues. Mile High SHRM is a Mega Chapter with a 1,000 membership.

Smart Talk

The Impact of #Metoo and #Timesup on HR:
Clarification of Sexual Harrassment (Part 1)

It seems that the #Metoo and #Timesup is in the news daily. 2018 has been called “The Year of the Woman.”  There is a sea change in how we treat inequities and women.

For over thirty years I have served as an expert witness, author and conducted training for the prevention of sexual harassment. One of the first things I learned is we are not all operating from the same rule book. With the recent #metoo and #Timesup movement, our heads are spinning with the number of men being accused across all professions and industries. This movement has brought forward a long, dark history of the American workplace. I believe some clarification of sexual harassment will aid in moving forward and eradicating this treacherous act which impacts the bottom line and women’s mental health.

Sexual harassment happens to all combination of genders: The majority of sexual harassment (approximately 90%) is reported by women against men. However, we know that men can harass men, women can harass men and women can harass women. It crosses all gender lines. I believe harassment endured by men is under reported because of what I call the “macho factor.” Men have shared that they have been scolded and teased about not being able to handle a woman trying to pick up on them. Some men are told, when harassed by a woman “go for it! You should be flattered!” or “what’s wrong with you?” Both genders can be victims of harassment.

Go along to get along: People will often remark that “she laughed at the sex joke so we assumed she was good with it.” Women and men will often follow the cultural norm of their work environment to fit in and keep their job. No one wants to be an outsider among their own team. Often recipients of sexual harassment are very embarrassed and don’t want to talk about it to anyone. They fear that, if they talk about it, nothing will be done, or the complaint won’t be taken seriously. They fear reprisal from the harasser, especially if that person is their boss or representative of the management. They are afraid of being told they “asked for it.” They are afraid of being fired, demoted, not promoted, or transferred. They blame themselves. They are told by someone they should be flattered. They’re afraid of being blamed.


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What Were They Thinking? Men, women and sexual harassment

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Audrey’s guest editorial, How to Combat Sexual Harassment ,was featured in the Boulder Daily Camera. She lists steps to take when confronted with SH and offers explanations on common reactions like “go along to get along.”Click here for article


Audrey’s program, A Woman’s Guide to Leadership: Power, Communication and Credibility was competitively selected for the annual Mile High Society of Human Resource Management’s conference.


Audrey presented her competitively selected program,
A Women’s Guide to Leadership,  to the Northern Colorado Human Resource Association January 2018 meeting. The program drew the largest number of attendees in the organization’s history!

CuratingAudrey was asked to join Curating Connections. Curating Connections  focuses on the development of women leaders through life-long learning, creating valuable connections, and curating impactful, thoughtful discussions with women and men to enhance workplace cultures.
What People are saying about Audrey

Hello Audrey,

I attended this luncheon (Northern Colorado Human Resource Association)  and loved the very brief information you provided on this important subject.  I’m writing to inquire about what kind of training you offer in this area; length of class, cost, etc.?  There are many women, and men, in my organization who would value from this information.

Warm regards,
Northern Colorado Water Conservancy District

Audrey opened the Society of Human Resource Mile High conference with
A Woman’s Guide to Leadership:

 It was awesome, engaging and empowering.

DeeAnna Gismore
The Denver Post

Truly inspiring. I learned a lot around women’s communication styles.
Laura Howell

Audrey’s program really got me thinking. I am beginning to obsewrve ways in which I speak small in an effort to please people in business. The 12 A’s really resonate.
Erika Holtz

Hi Audrey,

First of all, thank you again for speaking to our group last month! I have collected all the feedback from our members and here is what I have for you!

Topic: 3.78/4
Visual Aids: 3.35/4
Overall Presentation: 3.70/4

"This is the first speaker that kept me engaged for the entire hour."
"Very interesting presentation. Really liked all the personal anecdotes."
"This was a fantastic presentation, the speaker was amazing. It was an incredible useful topic." 
"She was a wonderful speaker."
Great job!
Northern Colorado Human Resource Association


Audrey's Books

The Gender Communication Handbook –
Conquering Conversational Collisions Between Men and Women


The Gender Communication Handbook is for anyone who works with the opposite sex. If you are a part of a management team, in HR, or develop corporate training, this book is a comprehensive guide filled with smart advice, extensive research, self-assessments, and compelling true-to-life case studies. More

Code Switching –
How to Talk so Men will Listen

Code Switching

Code Switching  is a hands-on tool for everyday use at the office. It is a practical resource with how-to steps to help businesswomen conquer the communication nuances between men and women in the workplace. This book explores the gender impact on business talk. - More

You Don’t Say – Navigating Nonverbal Communication Between the Sexes


You Don't Say is the first book to explore the misunderstandings that often arise between the sexes due to nonverbal communication — and to show readers how to say what they mean and get what they want. More than words, it's nonverbal cues that have the power to improve — or impair — our interactions with the opposite sex at home and in the workplace.

"Audrey's Top 4 CD Communication Hits"


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