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November 2012 Newsletter
Smart Talk
Who is Audrey?

Media Blitz

It is good to be quiet: How Introverts Contribute to the Workplace

There have been several books recently published that address a new diversity dimension: the introvert (Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking by Susan Cain and The Introvert Advantage: How to Thrive in an Extrovert World by Marti Olsen Laney are recommended).

As an extrovert, I am intrigued by the long overdue recognition for the introvert. America's estimated 80 to 160 million introverts are speaking out about what they bring to the workplace. An example of the recognition for the introvert is exemplified by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation which has office spaces for the introvert; quiet rooms where they can think and work. Introverts have many talents that balance the extrovert. They tend to be better listeners and are more cautious and deliberate, thinking things through before they make a decisions. Solitude is critical to creativity. Many social scientists argue we need a balance between extroverts and introverts. Of course, the workplace should strive to have a place for both. But remember, we are a culture that tends to value the extrovert so deliberate and conscious inclusion and the elimination of bias against introverts need to be the focus to tap into their potential. Understanding that we all have different work styles is key to high functioning teams.

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Audrey Nelson

Audrey Nelson PhD. is an international trainer, key-note speaker, consultant and author who works with organizations to increase their productivity and profitability through winning communication strategies.
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Audrey is a member of the American Society of Training and Development and the Colorado Human Resource Association.

You can reach Audrey at
or at 303.448.1800 O -  303-448-1801 F - 303.448.1802 C

Where in the world is Audrey

arrowTraub, Lieberman, Straus & Shrewsberry LLP
Annual Partner's Meeting
Your Generation or Mine?
- November 2, 2012 - 11 am-Noon
Ocean Place Hotel - Long Branch, NJ -

arrowLockheed Martin Space Systems
The Art of Conscious Communication
November 5, 2012 11:30 am to 1 pm
Denver, CO -

Victors without Victims - November 8, 2012 - 8:00 am to 3:00 pm
Missoula, MT -

arrowCouncil of Chief Judges of State Court of Appeals
Annual Conference
He Speaks, She Speaks: How Gender Can Affect the Role of Chief Judge
- November 14, 2012 - 10:30-Noon
Westin Oaks Houston -

arrowWinter Night Club
The Impact of the Emerging Role of Women in Corporate America

November 27, 2012 - 5:30 pm - Black Tie
Broadmoor Hotel - Colorado Springs
The Winter Night Club is a social club that meets for dinner, an outstanding program with guest speaker, and camaraderie five nights per year; typically in October, November, January, February, and March at the Broadmoor Hotel. Membership is by invitation only. Current Club membership is approximately 500."...organized on November 5, 1902, for the purpose of promoting good fellowship among its members and guests and the tolerant discussion of thought provoking subjects, other questions and topics of interest which were timely..."

arrowCharles Schwab
Ouch! That Hurts: Dealing with Difficult People
November 20 2012 -5 pm to 6:30 pm
9401 East Panorama Drive, Englewood, CO, 80112
Elizabeth Horner, AAMS® - Schwab Private Client Investment Advisory, Inc. -

arrowWells Fargo
Smart Talk - November 29 2012 - 11:30-12:30 presentation
1700 Lincoln - Denver -

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Don't Qualify it! Just Say it!- Click for article

FOX Evening News

Audrey was featured on the Denver FOX Evening News Tuesday October 30th addressing bullying in the workplace. Look for that segment to be posted on her website soon.

October 2012
Women in the Workplace: Why They Leave and What They Want
FOX Evening News
Click here for segment

Audrey has been asked to be the guest expert on communication and Code Switching for FOX 31 Denver Everyday Show
June 25, 2012
Mr. Mom is Back!
Everyday Talk Show Fox 31
KDVR-TV, Denver
Click here for segment

Look for Audrey in the September issue of Best Life magazine, a high-end, life style men's magazine. The article, 24-Hour Stress Release , features Audrey as an expert on gender communication and discusses how men can enhance interactions with their spouse or girlfriend.


Audrey had an article in the Colorado Human Resource Association newsletter based on her new book (co-author), The Gender Communication Handbook: Conquering Conversational Collisions Between Men and Women
Click here for article
What People are saying about Audrey

I just wanted to thank you again for taking the time to come out to IBM and speak to our Rocky Mountain Women's Network Group. Your presentation was very well received. I heard several positive comments about it and it seemed that people left there with a renewed energy. You definitely have that affect on people, and that is why you are so good at what you do! Thank you again. It was a pleasure to see you again and I hope we have the opportunity to work together again sometime in the near future.

Carol Alwon
Transition/Transformation Integration Manager
Transition & Transformation Project Management Services
IBM Executive Certified , PMP®

Dear Audrey,

On behalf of Northrop Grumman Women’s Initiative for Networking and Success (WINS), I would like to thank you for speaking to our community yesterday. I was told that your topic, Smart Talk, was extremely well received by those in attendance. I have received great feedback from the meeting participants and they really enjoyed your tips and interactivity. Thank you again for sharing your time and knowledge!

Shawnette Adams
2012 NG WINS Communications Chair

Comments from participant's feedback:
- She was very interesting
- I enjoyed her talk
- Wished it was longer
- She shows passion for her subject
- Very witty

Audrey's Books

The Gender Communication Handbook –
Conquering Conversational Collisions Between Men and Women


The Gender Communication Handbook is for anyone who works with the opposite sex. If you are a part of a management team, in HR, or develop corporate training, this book is a comprehensive guide filled with smart advice, extensive research, self-assessments, and compelling true-to-life case studies. More

Code Switching –
How to Talk so Men will Listen

Code Switching

Code Switching  is a hands-on tool for everyday use at the office. It is a practical resource with how-to steps to help businesswomen conquer the communication nuances between men and women in the workplace. This book explores the gender impact on business talk. - More

You Don’t Say – Navigating Nonverbal Communication Between the Sexes


You Don't Say is the first book to explore the misunderstandings that often arise between the sexes due to nonverbal communication — and to show readers how to say what they mean and get what they want. More than words, it's nonverbal cues that have the power to improve — or impair — our interactions with the opposite sex at home and in the workplace.

"Audrey's Top 4 CD Communication Hits"

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