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January 2012 Newsletter
Smart Talk
Who is Audrey?

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From Good to Great: 2012 Resolutions for Office Communication

The New Year provides an opportunity to wipe the slate clean. Get off on a new foot and ditch the same old, same old patterns. How can you be your personal best at work (and these also apply outside of work!). Here are some ideas:

  1. Every day pick someone who has gone beyond their job description or simply picked up the slack and helped a co-worker. Acknowledge them with gratitude. Let them know it did not go unnoticed. It doesn’t cost a penny and builds good will. And it also increases the chances that the individual will repeat those helpful, productive behaviors.

  2. Make time for face time. Stop being so tethered to technology. Don’t underestimate how much face-to-face communication builds relationship.  Suggesting you grab a cup of coffee with the person in that far away department lets them know you value them.

  3. Take the sting out of that difficult person at work. We all have it least one difficult person at work. Try being nice, not because they are, but because you are.
Remember the goal is to rise one level above them. The most challenging thing dealing with difficult people is not to become one yourself.

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Audrey Nelson PhD. is an international trainer, key-note speaker, consultant and author who works with organizations to increase their productivity and profitability through winning communication strategies.

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wiley pfeiffer
Audrey signed a contract for her third book with Pfeiffer an imprint of Wiley & Sons, Inc (co-authored)
The Gender Communication Handbook: Conquering Conversational Collisions Between Men and Women due on bookstore shelves Spring of 2012. It will be a hardback professional book that will be the source on gender communication.

arrowDRI: The Voice of the Defense Bar

Victors without Victims
Committee Leadership Conference
January 5, 2012
9:00 -10:30 am
Chicago, IL

arrowCovidien Surgical Solutions
Smart Talk
January 25, 2012 - Noon -1:00 pm
5920 Longbow Drive - Boulder, CO 80301

arrowUSFS-Pacific Southwest Research Station
What Were They Thinking
January 26, 2012
Albany, California

arrowStanford Hospital and Clinics

Ouch! That Hurts: Dealing with Difficult People

January 27, 2012
8:30 am- 3:30 pm
Register: Weir, Vickey]


arrowUS Forest Service Leadership Program
Art of Conscious Communication
February 1, 2012
8:30 am-3:30 pm
Missoula, MT

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Listening or Football?
From his and her perspective

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Men's Health News

Audrey was recently interview by Men’s Health on –line magazine. The title of the article, Women’s Speak-Decoded. : Click here for article

Santa Rosa California December 2012
Farm Credit Council Services
Leadership Development program

Audrey was recently interviewed for Women’s Health regarding after-work arguments between cohabitating couples - who's going to take the dog out, who's going to make dinner, etc. What's going wrong here and what kind of communication tactics can we use to avoid the same old arguments?

Look for the article in March 2012.

Audrey has been asked to be the guest expert on communication and Code Switching bi-monthly for FOX 31 Denver
October 2011
He and She Wired: Guidelines for Using E-mail with the Opposite Sex
Everyday Talk Show Fox 31
KDVR-TV, Denver
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What People are saying about Audrey

Feedback from Farm Credit Leadership Development Program
Victors without Victims: 90 Ways to Manage Conflict for a Positive Outcome

Recognizing the difference between task and personal conflict and addressing early with RESPECT.

Outstanding, Audrey did a great job keeping everyone in the zone.

Anticipation, prep the statement to deflect some conflict.

The information Audrey presented was very helpful in that it provided techniques for handling conflict better. It is helpful to know our own style so we can take a step back and make sure our style isn't contributing to the problem at hand.

My office has a great deal of internal conflict and I will definitely put the tools Audrey presented to use.

Hi Audrey,
 Thank you so much for coming yesterday and speaking to our group of ladies.  I think if they take to heart (and implement) some of the things that you said that moving up the corporate ladders will be much easier.

Lynn Shook, CRPC®
Morgan Stanley Smith Barney│Wealth Management

Great presentation today. You are so good at what you do!

Kirsten Delaney
Division Marketing Director
Clifton Gunderson LLP

Get your copy!

Code Switching: How to Talk so Men will Listen
Claire Brown Ph.D. and Audrey Nelson Ph.D.
Penguin Group-Alpha Books
ISBN 978-1-59257-926-6

Code Switching: How to Talk so Men will Listen is a hands-on tool for everyday use at the office. It is a practical resource with how-to steps to help businesswomen conquer the communication nuances between men and women in the workplace. This book explores the gender impact on business talk. It teaches using true stories and case studies, while providing valuable “code-switching” tips to help women gain and strengthen credibility and make a greater impact on the job

Code Switching Trailer Code Switching:
How to Talk so
Men will Listen -
book trailer

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