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Don’t Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeve

Pick up the latest issue of Glamour or O magazine. If you believe what you read (or see on TV), women are emotional, are apt to change their minds without reason or warning, and are most confusing for men. Many men wish for a barcode on women’s foreheads so they can decipher what women want and what they are suppose to do about it. In one seminar, one man shouted, “Could someone please do a book How Women Work? Just provide an operating manual. I will do whatever it takes to keep the peace. For guys, it is a constant guessing game.”

The Danger of Show and Tell
But watch what you ask for. When women let it all hang out, the result can be fireworks. Women will express the entire continuum and range of emotions. Then men are often perplexed and overwhelmed, and don’t know what to do[md]especially at the office
Women, consider a word of warning concerning what you talk about at work. If you consult the psychic hotline to determine whether you are going to score the big contract, do you really want to share that with your cube-mate? We know you spend more time at work (sorry to remind you) than any other single activity in your life, and your coworkers are the folks you see the most. However, they don’t need to know all your personal activities and viewpoints. Whose business is it, anyway? How will that information contribute to your office image? Will it come around and bite you? Ask yourself this before you share your personal opinions or what you do on your own time.

Code switch: Be careful when announcing your concern about a potential vendor and your wish to more fully check out the offer. You don’t need to let it all hang out. Don’t say that you have a bad vibe or that someone makes you nervous. Men don’t need to know your subjective opinion; it is all voodoo to them.

Taken from Code switching: How to Talk so Men will Listen

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Today's Omaha Woman
Code Switching: Effective Communication Between Women and Men Is a Shared Opportunity
Summer 2009

September 1st - 8:30 am to 4 pm
He Speaks, She Speaks:
What Different Things They Say

Boulder County
Training Room off Pearl St Mall

September 3rd - 9 am to 11 am
Code switching:
How to Talk so Men will Listen

Mountain View Methodist
355 Ponca Place
Boulder 80303

September 8th - 12:15 pm to 1:45 pm
The Twelve As to Axe for Women
Johnson & Johnson
Women’s Leadership Initiative
New Brunswick, NJ

September 9th - 11:30 am to 1 pm
Code Switching:
How to Talk so Men will Listen

Phoenix Networking
Fox Hill Country Club

September 16th - 6:30 pm to 8 pm
The Art of Conscious Communication:
A Talent for a Technical Age

University of Colorado Business School
MBA Program Organizational Communication

September 23rd - 7:30 am to 3:30 pm
Victors without Victims
Farm Credit Council Services
Millenium Hotel, Chicago

September 24th - 8:30 am to 10 am
My Generation or Yours?
1:30 to 3:00 pm
Ouch! That Hurts: Dealing with Difficult People
Snow & Ice Conference
Holiday Inn, Estes Park

September 29th - 7:30 am to 3:30 pm
The Art of Conscious Communication
Farm Credit Services

Mark Your Calendars for the Biggest Women’s EXPO in Colorado (anticipated 10,000 women will attend) and hear Audrey Saturday 11 am Lifestyle Stage on Code Switching. Visit her at the Code switching booth Saturday Oct 10 and Sunday October 11

How large a group
can Audrey handle?

Sometimes clients inquire how large a group Audrey addresses. Her biggest yet was 7,000 students and faculty when she served as President of The Graduate Student Council at the University of Colorado, Boulder in 1978!
In September she will have an audience of close to 1,000 at the Snow & Ice conference and October 1st Audrey will be addressing 800 women and men at the Omaha Women’s Fund Annual Luncheon-Check it out!

Coming in September!

Code Switching: How to Talk so Men will Listen
Claire Brown Ph.D. and Audrey Nelson Ph.D.
Alpha Books, September 2009

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What People are saying about Audrey

Farm Credit Council
The Art of Conscious Communication

Please provide examples of tools, skills, or concepts from this workshop that you found valuable:

  • Gender differences in communication, listening skills, and importance of non-verbal communication.
  • Non-verbal's and paraphrasing needs to be more of my day-to-day actions. Cognizance on my part.
  • Communication is a vital part of building relationships; non-verbal's and listening.
  • Don't forget "face-to-face" communication.
  • I plan on consciously being an active listener.
  • Great discussion of non-verbal communication and face-to-face communication.
  • Listening skills, staying focused, basically everything we covered today!
  • Great workshop on listening.
  • Be more empathetic, listen for content.
  • Learning empathy and listening skills. Understanding what different communication types are.
  • I found it very informative and need to be more empathetic!
  • Non-verbal communication. Hints/tips on becoming a better listener, mainly staying focused.
  • Paraphrasing for clarification of message received.
  • Less e-mail, will be part of action plan!
  • Non-verbal communication. Hints/tips on becoming a better listener, mainly staying focused.
  • Paraphrasing for clarification of message received.
  • Understanding the different communication styles between men and women.
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