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I See You: How to Handle the Misuse of Technology or Shut Off Your Cell Phone and Quit Texting during the Meeting!

The technology plague has entered not only the boardroom but my training sessions. The nerve!  I am talking and a participant thinks I cannot see him texting under the table. You have had the same experience. Call it rude, call it whatever you like-just don’t tolerate it! Not only is this behavior disrespectful to you as the speaker but it is distracting for the rest of the audience who is interested in what you have to say.

Here is how I set up the rules of engagement to head those technology addicted folks who just can’t leave it alone.

  1. Be proactive. At the beginning of the meeting hold up your cell phone and say, “Everyone join me. PLEASE turn it off or mute it or select vibrate.”
  2. Next say, “If you feel the need to text or answer your calls, please step out of the room to do so.”
  3. And finally, “Here is our break schedule so you can accommodate those calls you missed.”

So now your audience has three prompts for how you wish to conduct the meeting. If you still have a “violator,” wait until the break and ask him or her to please refrain from using their IPOD, cell phone, Game Boy (just joking), etc. Now for “tweets.” When will it ever end?

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Coming in !

Code Swithing: How to Talk So Men Will Listen
By Claire Damken Brown, Ph.D. and Audrey Nelson, Ph.D.

Here is a sneak peek of some of the chapters

- From the Playground to Boardroom: Where Does it All Begin?
- The Mechanics of Gender Communication
- Are You Wearing That?

- Fight Fair and Get What's Yours

- Keep Your Hands to Yourself Boss Lady:
- Making Career Conquests

Advanced sales of signed copies through Audrey's web available August 1.

What People are saying about Audrey

I personally want to thank you for participating in the Authors'  Luncheon on Saturday.  I can't tell you how many women and even men fell in love with you that afternoon.  You were such a hit!!

The reason for this email is because women at my table and many, many more asked it you would be willing to do some form of a discussion group or whatever you would wish to do.  My personal friends said they could have listened to you for the entire luncheon. 

Again, thank you with deep appreciation.

Joyce Fischer

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