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...A 2001 Gallup poll asked American adults whether a series of qualities and characteristics applied more to men or to women. Ninety percent of those surveyed said the characteristics of “emotional” applied more to women. It seems likely from these results that many Americans perceive women as either able or prone to experience a much wider range -- and intensity -- of emotions than men do.
...In the office, women will see everything -- from the budget to the year end report -- with an objective eye, but also a layer of subjectivity. If it doesn’t feel “fair” or something seems “off,” she will often choose to express this gut feeling. You can almost see men rolling their eyes. He comes from primarily (and almost exclusively) an objective stance.
Evidence over the past four decades indicates that women adapt their style to that of men when they are interacting with men, but women rarely have adopted men’s styles completely. So a woman will offer up an objective account of “facts” and “data” (which resonates with him), but she will not completely dismiss her “inner knower.” This subjective element, in the eyes of men, has little credibility. Right or wrong, we have been conditioned to view objectivity as superior to subjectivity. Women know feelings are often the deeper truth, and his objective reasons and opinions are a more superficial one.
...Be careful when announcing your concern about a potential vendor and your wish to more fully check out the offer. You do not need to let it all hang out. Don’t say you have a bad vibe or they make you nervous. Men don’t need to know your subjective opinion. It is all voodoo to them.


“Relationship Rescue:
The Crying Game”
November 2008

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"Your Generation or Mine?"
Fall 2008
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Audrey was one of the founding members of the Organization for Research on Women and Communication 30 years ago. She served as Vice-president and President. She has also published articles in the ORWAC journal

Tuesday, January 13
Your Generation or Mine?
Missoula, Montana
Thursday, January 22
Averett College (Audrey’s Alma Mater)
Keynote for 150th Founder’s Day Anniversary
The Sky’s the Limit
Danville, VA
Friday, January 23rd
Colorado Human Resource Association (CHRA)
Denver, CO
Come by and visit Audrey at her booth!
January 27th,28th and 29th

Ft Collins, Colorado
Your Generation or Mine?

Saturday, March 14, 2009
11:00 am to 2:00 pm
Omni Interlocken Resort, Broomfield

Audrey will be a featured author.
The Authors’ Luncheon is a literary event that brings together local authors who will share their craft and insights about their creative process. Proceeds from the event benefit local and international service agencies that advance the status of women. Zonta Foothills Foundation supports efforts to prevent violence against women, and improve the economic opportunities, education and health of women in Colorado and around the world. Jean Dubofsky will serve as the Honorary Chair. Jean Dubofsky made Colorado history as the first and youngest woman appointed to the Colorado Supreme Court. Jean earned her A.B. from Stanford University and her LL.B from Harvard Law School.

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Audrey just signed a contract for her second book with Alpha Books, division of Prentice Hall. On bookstore shelves September 2009.
Code Switching: How to Talk so Men will Listen
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"I attended both of your presentations at Baird Holm. You were absolutely wonderful! I really admire you and everything you have done. I feel like your presentations are invaluable to both women and men in the workforce. You are a captivating orator and your theories, put in place, can behoove any company. I look forward to reading your newsletters as well.
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