September 2008 Newsletter
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Smart Talk
The Value of Chit Chat

I was just interviewed for a magazine article on “small talk”. Small talk is also referred to (especially by men) as “chitchat”. It reminded me of a man who came up to me after one of my seminars and asked, “We have a Monday morning staff meeting that is suppose to begin at 8am. However, it really begins at 8:15 am. "Why do women need to do this chit chat?” He was frustrated and wanted answers.
The art of small talk or chitchat really serves an important function:

  • Promotes connection and bonding
  • Increases the level of comfort among participants
  • Women tend to engage in this form of social maintenance more than men
  • Can be a barometer of the mood of the group

So the next time your group may not get right down to business, there is a reason and chitchat serves an important function.

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What People are saying about Audrey

Thank you for today's excellent presentation on gender communication. I really appreciate the manner in which you tailored your message for our group, and everyone I spoke with commented on your energy, quick wit, and obvious mastery of the subject. It was a pleasure having you out to speak to us!


Maria Grundmann
Northrop Grumman Systems Engineer

Just a short note to thank you for a truly inspirational and motivational presentation. As we begin to plan the Womens Chamber events for next year we will keep you in mind for one of our major events.
Will be in touch

Sherrie S. Goldsmith
Sunshine Approach

You were by far my favorite speaker at the conference!! I believe our ability to communicate, the level and amount of communication in our lives and
Our ability to connect to others has an incredible affect on the quality of our work and home environment and therefore our lives!
I have started a small news paper publication from my Department to the rest of the company in an effort to connect us. (I’m trying) I would like to use portions of your presentation at the conference to include the differences in how men and woman communicate and 100 ways to say very good.
Please let me know if that is permissible and THANK YOU for your wonderful presentation.

Tammy A. Martin, B.A.
Comp Pro Claims Coordinator
CELEBRATING 60 YEARS OF 'Relationships Built on Trust"
941-556-1229-Direct Line-Sarasota Office

I am approximately 1/3 of the way through your book and it is fabulous! I will never interpret a face-to-face meeting the same; you have forever changed my life, thanks!

Heidi J. Cook, CPC, QPA, QKA
InWest Retirement Solutions
3300 North A Street
Suite 7-270
Midland, TX 79705

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