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The Jerry Springer Phenomena Misery Loves Company

I was channel surfing when I was getting ready to do a keynote and came across The Jerry Springer Show. I am not a fan of television and regard it as basically a waste land. I had read critiques and heard second hand about the format and drama formula of his show. In case you have been fortunate enough never to see this show the formula includes some unbelievable painful relationship story that is always twisted and pathetic. A bouncer is on hand to deal with the inevitable duke out. When I tuned in two women were punching each other. I thought who watches this stuff? And I also thought about the consulting work I do in environments that includes folks similar to the players (“guests”) on the Springer show. I can draw a parallel here. There are people who are unhappy in their own lives and by watching the Springer show they are comforted to know they are not alone and there are people who have even more unhappiness. Misery loves company. They also play high drama (making small things big) and they often try to stir the pot. I call it, “lets you and him fight.” I also have observed that they associate with these people often prodding them to “act up”.
Some quick tips:

  1. Name the game it is harder to play the game. Let them know you know what they are doing. They count on “hiding out.”
  2. Ask them to stop bringing up the “sore subject.”
  3. Talk to the players and encourage them not to take the bait. Ask them to try to be less reactive.
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Audrey just signed a contract for her second book with Alpha Books, division of Prentice Hall.
On bookstore shelves November 2009.
Code Switching: How to Talk so Men will Listen (working title).


Audrey has been invited to be a guest columnist for the Daily Camera Women’s Magazine. Her column “Relationship Rx”
debut was the September issue: “Why women think men don’t listen” p. 15.

Look for Audrey’s column in the November issue of Women’s Magazine “The Crying game” The Web site,,

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November 10th
National Sports Center
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Winter Park, Colorado

November 12th
Denver Metro Chamber
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What People are saying about Audrey
Thanks so much for the wonderful keynote address you gave at the IABC Southern Region Conference.

Your talk rekindled in me my love of communication studies. I've been working in corporate communication doing mktg/PR for 10 years and have been struggling with "what's next." Although my current job helped me to earn my masters in communication... hearing about someone who has been so successful in communication has inspired me to start researching Ph.D programs.
Hoping our paths cross again. I'll be watching for you on Oprah!
Thanks again!
Carie Sherman
Communications Specialist, Corporate Marketing & Communications


Dear Dr. Audrey:
I really, really thought your September 29 presentation was wonderful at the IABC Southern Region conference in Denver. You spoke so many truths….I have a co-worker who comes into my office and starts the conversation with, “Are you overwhelmed today?” My masculine side wants her to just tell me she needs help on a project, and I’ll figure out how to weave it in and get it accomplished. . I exited from your Denver session, told you how very, very much I got out of your presentation and then had to rush off to do my own presentation … before I could buy a copy of your book. Please help me overcome my sinful ways. Please tell me how big a check to write and where to send it. That was direct and masculine, but my feminine side told a story (above) first.
I thought enough of your presentation that I forwarded your bio information to IABC headquarters in San Francisco. And I’ve read all of the articles on your website today, too.
Thanks for your support and causing me to think. –Connie Echard

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