April 2008 Newsletter
Audrey Nelson Ph.D, Inc

Smart Talk
Weed Your Garden of Credibility Robbers!

Trim your hedges and add Authority to Your Words!

To hedge means to “hide behind words, refuse to commit oneself”. We must all hedge sometimes. But no one should hedge in the face of certainty!

Most Common:

  • Well..
  • You shouldn’t do that, really…
  • The way I see it…
  • I guess…
  • Well, maybe…
  • The point is….
  • In my opinion
  • I just
  • I was wondering if..

Delete words that do not add Value!
What to Say if There’s Real Certainty

Puny hedge: You shouldn’t curse on the job, really.
Assertion: Cursing at work offends people.
Puny hedge: Well, the proposal came in under budget.
Assertion: The proposal came in under budget.
Puny hedge: Do you think you should do it like that?
Assertion: I don’t think you should do it like that.
Puny Hedge: I was wondering if we could consider another bid.
Assertion: I think we should get another bid.
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He Speaks, She Speaks:
What Different Things They Say

Leeds School of Business,
University of Colorado, Boulder

Room 110
Wednesday, April 9,
10-10:50 am and 11-11:50 am

The Twelve As to Axe:
Why Women Do the Things They Do

Thursday, April 10
11:30 am- 1pm
The Cork
3295 30th St
Boulder, CO

Nice Girls Don’t Do Conflict
Women’s Foodservice Forum
Tuesday, April 15th
10:30 am- Noon
Gaylord National Convention Center
Washington, DC

The Art of Conscious Communication:
A Talent for a Technical Age

Farm Credit Council Services
Tuesday, April 29th
Millenium Hotel Chicago
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What People are saying about Audrey

Dear Audrey,

Thank you so much for your talk last night. I put your "yes, no, yes" principle into practice this morning when I replied to a client who wanted me to send her my training materials so that she could train some folks in MN. It felt really empowering to say yes to my needs, no to her request and yes to the relationship. Thank you so much for your inspiration!!

Belinda Hoole
President, Crisis Company, LLC

What a fantastic meeting. I have received so many nice emails about the energy in the room, and your “yes” sandwich was so helpful, I passed that on to Jenny this morning. You are simply amazing1 THANK YOU for your support!

Kathy Kelly
Personnel Profiles, Inc

.Hello Audrey,

I wanted to congratulate you on a superb presentation last Thursday night at Boulder, BPW. What a great crowd we had!
It was the biggest crowd we had since I started as program VP last May! We totaled around 80 attendees.
You are just amazing and have such a great gift to relate to people and make them laugh.
I just adore you! I received so many favorable comments from the women. I hope you will come back next year to speak to us again.


Tobi Hunt
Program VP
Boulder BPW

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