September 2007 Newsletter
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Walk the Walk and Talk the Talk

We know intuitively and through research that when people’s nonverbals do not match what they are saying, it feels “off.” Here are some of the ramifications of sending mixed signals:

1. People feel confused.
2. Your message is not believable.
3. You undermine your credibility.

So next time you communicate, ask yourself: “Do my nonverbal behaviors (body movements and vocal cues) match my words?” Are both channels congruent? For example, if I tell someone I am enthusiastic about the new project, can they hear the enthusiasm in my voice and see it in my facial expressions? We have all been on the receiving end of listening to a colleague who claims that the proposal is a good one, but they lack that convincing tone!

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Tuesday - September 4
8:30 am – 4 pm
He Speaks, She Speaks: What Different Things They Say
Boulder County

September 5-7
Society of Human Resource Manager
Colorado Conference

Keystone, Colorado
Audrey’s “Go Home and Put on Some Clothes”
was competitively selected to be presented in the “Stay Out of the Courtroom” track
Sept 6th 1:15 am to 2:45 pm
Friday - September 14
City of Loveland
Victors without Victims; Managing Conflict for Positive Results
Thursday - September 20
US Forest Service - Region 1
Grangeville, Idaho
Art of Conscious Communication: A Talent for a Technical Age
The First Five Seconds
Wednesday - September 26
Boulder County
Power of Positive Discipline

Thursday - September 27
Farm Credit Council Services
Broomfield, Colorado
Art of Conscious Communication
What People are saying about Audrey
Level 1
Foundation of Management
Dr. Audrey Nelson - Managing Conflict for a Positive Outcome
Joint 11 Leadership Development Program
Farm Credit Council Services

Session Two
N = 29 Average

  1. The instructor was well prepared. 4.97
  2. The instructor presented information clearly and in terms I understand. 4.79
    She did a wonderful job rephrasing, even if a question wasn't asked - it gave us
    another way to grasp - wonderful job.
  3. The instructor was knowledgeable in the topic instructed. 4.86
  4. The instructor shared relevant experiences and insights. 4.79
    The real-life examples - both work and life - are very helpful to understand the
  5. The instructor responded to questions. 4.97
    I liked the pre-lunch exercise of providing examples from the room. That made the
    session ours, and we were more engaged in helping our colleagues out.
  6. The instructor integrated participants' comments. 4.83
    Asking for examples from the room is extremely helpful.
  7. The instructor should continue to conduct Management Development courses. 4.90
  8. Comments about instructor:
  • She is extremely talented. She connects with her audience even though (as I am)
    she's a female. She has a communication style that is strong and assertive. I am
    trying to model her emotional intelligence and overall assertiveness. She inspires
    me. The ball exercise was a great analogy.
  • Excellent as usual!
  • The instructor was excellent!
  • I enjoyed having Audrey as an instructor and encourage FCCS to have her in the
    next level of the LDP program.
  • Perhaps a video on more conflicts that are actually being resolved.
  • Extremely good.
  • I have thoroughly enjoyed both of Audrey's seminars. FCC Services should
    continue to use her in the future!
  • Great communicator.
  • Audrey is indispensable to the LDP!
  • Excellent session!!
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