June 2006 Newsletter
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“What Were They Thinking? Prevention of Sexual Harassment for the Uninformed”

Currently I am conducting sexual harassment training for the US Forest Service (Region 5, California). Many people are still confused on when behavior “crosses the line.”

Here are some guidelines for those gray areas:

  1. 1. Would you let someone say that to your wife, mother, sister, girlfriend, grandmother, etc? If not, don’t say it.
  2. Anything (conversations, jokes, pictures, etc) having to do with sex or sexuality is NOT appropriate for the workplace.
  3. There are no private conversations. That is, you may be sharing a sex joke or your weekend activities with a long time pal at work thinking it is okay and mutually agreeable. However, a common form of sexual harassment is third party. Someone walks by overhears the conversation and is offended.
  4. Use of your computer at work to download sexual pictures, jokes, etc is against every work policy. Many of my clients have keystroke monitoring system in place. Remember when you hit delete on your computer it does NOT go away permanently. Surveillance technology (especially since 9-11) has accelerated and employers have a greater ability to monitor what their employees are viewing on computers.
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If you are an employee
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Hewlett-Packard Company
WIN (Women’s Information Network)
Colorado Springs
June 8th

“The Sky’s the Limit”
Contact: Richelle Ahlvers

The Sky’s the Limit:
A Woman’s Guide to Advancement

To understand women’s advantage in the workplace. What women want men to change and what men want women to change? How power operates and when normal rules don’t apply. The hazards of “female speak.” To understand how to handle disruptive interruptions. It is what she doesn't say that means a lot: How Nonverbal Messages can Undermine a Women’s Credibility.
What People are saying about Audrey

I cannot thank you enough for the wonderful, practical applications you brought to our conference. The feedback has been wonderful, and the attendees were really impacted! The only "complaints" were from the facilitators who were scheduled to present during the break out sessions you did and they could not attend yours!
I have enjoyed getting to know you personally, and have such great respect for you professionally. The more I think about it, I believe that our different fields have much more in common than in the differences. We both are observers and communicators who have been able to look at communication on many levels. I have often claimed that if one can really understand a two year old, they can understand anyone. Adults are just the same. They only have learned not to bite with their teeth, but bite with their words.

Thanks again for everything, Gayle Doughtery
National Coalition for Campus Children’s Centers

Thank you so much for coming and speaking at the Denver Chamber this morning. What you shared with us was wonderful. It will definitely help not only my business but also my relationship with my wife! I look forward to hearing you again.
Dave Cook
LoDo Residential Mortgage
Dear Audrey,

I just want to reiterate how great a job you did yesterday at the Chamber Expo. You’re professional, informative and "right on" presentation was perfect.

I will recommend you to everyone I can think of.

Jeff Smith
Coaching Technologies
Hello Audrey,

Thanks again for an educational and entertaining morning at the Chamber. I love when those two words can be in the same sentence!

Maureen McNamara
Growth Through Exploration

"Audrey's Top 4 CD Communication Hits"