January 2006 Newsletter
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Taking the Ouch Out of Difficult People!

Three of my favorite sources for my training program “Dealing with Difficult People,” are How to Work with Just about Anyone by Lucy Gill, Nasty People: How to Stop Being Hurt by them without Stooping to their Level by Jay Carter and Bullies, Tyrants and Impossible People by Ronald Shapiro and Mark Jankowski.
These authors provide all kinds of hands on useful tips in dealing with difficult people. A few of the tips you may want to consider are:

  • If you Don’t Rule Your Emotions, They will Rule You
  • Empathize without Agreeing: I Understand versus I Agree
  • Don’t Counterstrike-Disarm
  • Focus like an Athlete
  • He/She who Angers You, Conquers You
  • To Get Someone to Change, Change What You are Doing
  • Change the Dance: Do Something Opposite, Do Something Unexpected or Do Something Outrageous

The great thing about challenging people is we can learn so much from them about ourselves and they also give us an opportunity to “grow” skills and expand our behavioral repertoire. Learn from them. They have something to teach you. Don’t miss the lesson.


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“Ouch,” that hurts!
Dealing with difficult People

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"I wish I could carry Audrey around in my pocket for advice. She offers such practical hands on skills for dealing with discipline and difficult employees."

"I think this is the best seminar offered by Boulder County. Audrey is both entertaining and highly informative. I love her case studies and examples from everyday life. It helps me grasp the concepts."

"Audrey gave me a perspective on dealing with discipline problems that I never considered. She has a balanced approach in setting boundaries with problem employees and getting them to take responsibility for their behavior."

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