July 2006 Newsletter
Audrey Nelson Ph.D, Inc

Smart Talk

Under Fire: Rules of Engagement with a Bully

One of the most challenging communication encounters is when a bully confronts us!
It could be at the Monday morning staff meeting, the surly waitress or our own mother! Here are some fast tips for those difficult situations:

  • Stay in control of your emotions. You feel like you want to slug them but don’t!
  • Let them have air time.
  • Don’t interrupt them when they are in the “heat” of their monologue.
  • Tell them you need a break to consider what they have said and will get back to them.
  • Don’t fire back with your counter arguments (even if their points border on ridiculous).
  • Say “I feel uncomfortable with our conversation and would like to continue later.” Or, “I don’t like the way this conversation is going and I think we both need to take a break.”
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What People are saying about Audrey

I found your class most informative. You will leave this world a better place than you found it. Thanks for all you do.
Mel Stonebraker
He Speaks, She Speaks Seminar
Boulder County

Good course. Audrey is an expert. She knows how to interact with the audience and brings real issues to light. She identified the right words to use to diffuse a situation.
She is well prepared, organized and an energetic presenter! This was my favorite session. She has great wit and the ability to hold our attention.

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Farm Credit Council Services
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