Smart Talk articles for 2018


March 2018
The Impact of #Metoo and #Timesup on HR:
Clarification of Sexual Harrassment (Part 1)


February 2018
HR Considerations of the Perils of the ‘Bro’ Culture: How #metoo and #timesup is Changing Workplace Culture (Part 1)


Smart Talk articles for 2017


December 2017

Diversity is here to Stay! Is Your Organization on Board or Going to be Left Behind?


November 2017

What Happens When a Woman Acts Forcefully?


October 2017

Reverse Mentoring: It Works Both Ways!


September 2017

Google’s Lesson and What We Can Learn From It


August 2017

Understanding Interruptions and the Mechanics of Conversation


July 2017

A Woman Can Lean In Until She Falls Over


June 2017

What Do Women Want from Work? Part 1


May 2017

Unconscious Bias: There is an App for That!


April 2017

How Good Communicators are high in Emotional Intelligence


March 2017

The Fraud Syndrome: A Woman’s Dilemma


February 2017

Small Talk Can Improve Your Life!


January 2017

Unconscious Racial Bias


Smart Talk articles for 2016


December 2016

Checking in with Myself: How Unconscious Bias Works


November 2016

“Lady CFO:” A Case of Unconscious Bias


October 2016

The HR Training Conundrum:
Should There Be Training for All Women Groups?


September 2016

Women-led Start Ups Outperform Men-led Start Ups: It’s Complicated


August 2016

Are Women Queen Bees? The Truth Behind the Myth


July 2016



June 2016

Radical Candor: Speaking Directly When Giving Criticism


May 2016

You Can't Read a Person Like a Book, But Nonverbal Communication Counts!


April 2016

Breaking the Barriers: The 21 Percent Gap


March 2016

Millennials and Boomer: Mind the Generation Gap


February 2016

Pay Attention to What People Don't Say in Negotiations: The Role of Nonverbal Cues


January 2016

50/50 by 2020: A Global Call for Equal Representation of Women - Will Women's Relationship to Ambition Hold Them Back?


Smart Talk articles for 2015


December 2015

The Deenergizer: Look Closely at the People Around You


November 2015

Does Facebook Inhibit our Ability to Empathize?


October 2015

The Principal's Office: How the Powerful Communicate


September 2015

Guidelines on Responsible Communication


August 2015

Are Women the Sorry Sex?
How Apologies Function for Her


July 2015

Managing Workplace Conflict: The Advantage of Being Direct


June 2015

Does the Diversity Component Impact the Bottom Line?


May 2015

Generation Z: What to Expect


April 2015

Anger is Not Bad


March 2015

What Not To Do With the Bully


February 2015

What is Wise Speech?


January 2015

The Importance of "Face Giving" in Communication


Smart Talk articles for 2014


December 2014

The Importance of "Face" in Everyday Communication: The Things People Say Part 2


November 2014

The Importance of "Face" in Everyday Communication: The Things People Say Part 1


October 2014

The Brogrammer Syndrome: Women and the Technology Dilemma


September 2014

Are Powerful People Incapable of Empathy?


July 2014

Your Organization's Gender Intelligence


June 2014

The Fear of Being Different and How it Stifles Talent


May 2014

The Role of Data Analytics in Assessing Gender Equality in the Workplace


April 2014

Can Facial Expressions Go Solo?


March 2014

Baby Boomer Split: Are There two Types of Boomers?


February 2014

Key Factors in how the 'Car Gal' rose to the top of GM


January 2014

Navigating Email Etiquette


Smart Talk articles for 2013


December 2013

Millennials: Have They Received a Bad Rap? Part 2


November 2013

Millennials: Have They Received a Bad Rap?


October 2013

Ambitious Women: Why Don't We Like Them?


September 2013

Women's Leadership Style


August 2013

Women and Conflict: Is Harmony Normal?


July 2013

Mentors and Sponsors: A Must Have for Women's Success


June 2013

A Crisis in Women's Leadership: The Fear of Success Syndrome and the Ambition Gap


May 2013
Do You Want to Really Connect with Someone?
Try Empathy


April 2013
Master the Message : Stand Up and Deliver


March 2013
Women: The Growing Demographic


February 2013
Audrey has ideas on how to improve your communication for 2013


January 2013
To Smile or Not to Smile: Gender Quotient



Smart Talk articles for 2012


December 2012
Crying as Communication: The Function and Gender Quotient


November 2012

It is good to be quiet: How Introverts Contribute
to the Workplace


October 2012

Too Much Information: Guidelines for Appropriate Disclosure in the Office


September 2012

From the Playground to the Boardroom: Men, Women and Conflict - Part 2


August 2012

From the Playground to the Boardroom: Men, Women and Conflict


July 2012

Talkers versus Texters


June 2012

Women, Male Dominated Environments and Sex Scandals: It is Complicated


May 2012

Do Women talk more than men do? Fact or Fiction?


April 2012

Going from Automatic to Conscious Communication: How do We Change?





March 2012

Sometimes Less is More in Communication: The Value of Quiet


February 2012

Is It Really Always the Best Choice?


January 2012

From Good to Great: 2012 Resolutions for Office Communication


Smart Talk articles for 2011


December 2011

Keep Your Mouth Open: It is Your Responsibility


November 2011

Hate Speech: Words that Hurt


October 2011

He and She Wired - Ecomotions


September 2011

People are like Dirt: Who do you Hang with at Work?


August 2011

"The Lost Art of Showing Gratitude: A Business Mandate - gra-t-tüd-tyü

July 2011

Goggle’s Project Oxygen: How to Build a Better Boss Part 2


June 2011

Goggle’s Project Oxygen:
How to Build a Better Boss Part 1


May 2011

Tethered to Technology: The Gender Twist - part 2


April 2011

Tethered to Technology: The Gender Twist


March 2011

Are We There Yet? A Snap Shot on the Status of Working Women


February 2011
Big Boys Don’t Cry….Or Do They?


January 2011
How Communication Strategies Make New Year Resolutions Stick!


Smart Talk articles for 2010


December 2010
Blaming the Victim:Should clothes matter?


November 2010
There are No Apps for “APPropriate” Communication Behavior for your iPhone


October 2010
Women should be seen, not heard


September 2010
Code Switching Goes to Korea!


August 2010
The Case of the Chartreuse Gum: How Chomping on Gum Can Ruin a First Impression


June 2010
Letting it all Hang Out: Watch Out for Emotional Predators


May 2010
Flying Under the Radar: How to Address Insidious Conflict that Goes on Forever


April 2010
Barbie turned 50!


March 2010
The Transparent Communicator


February 2010
Opaque versus Transparent Communication


January 2010
The Double G Force: The Generational and Gender Diversity Component 2010


Smart Talk articles for 2009


December 2009
Communicating Cubicle Etiquette


November 2009
Silence as Compliance


October 2009
Earn the Right to Criticize and Take the Sting Out!


September 2009
Don't Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeve


August 2009
What is Code Switching?


June 2009
Why We Should Embrace the “Devils Advocate”


May 2009
I See You: How to Handle the Misuse of Technology or Shut Off Your Cell Phone and Quit Texting during the Meeting!


March 2009
Communication is King in these Rough Economic Times


February 2009
How Everyday Microinequities Can Sabotage the Workplace

January 2009
Don't wear your heart on your sleeve


Smart Talk articles for 2008


December 2008
My favorite book of the year


November 2008
The Jerry Springer Phenomena Misery Loves Company


October 2008
How to Manage a Toxic Boss


September 2008
The Value of Chit Chat


June 2008
Do You Feel My Pain? Why We Have Not Really Communicated Until We Have Empathized!


May 2008
The Problem with Ernie and Bert : Why Sesame Street Fails in Gender Representation


April 2008
Weed Your Garden of Credibility Robbers!


March 2008
One Up Communication:
Disarm and Move On


February 2008
No is not a Four Letter Word: Setting Boundaries and Maintaining Relationships


January 2008
Amy Oliver Show


Smart Talk articles for 2007


December 2007
Rainy Day People


November 2007
The Evil Twins: Voice and Email


October 2007
Please Don’t Go! Mentoring for Keeps


September 2007
Walk the Walk and Talk the Talk


August 2007
The Crying Game


June 2007
Nice Girls's don't do Conflict


May 2007
The Playground as Battleground: The Roots of How Men and Women “Do” Conflict


April 2007
Sticks and Stones: When Words Hurt


March 2007
"It’s What You Don’t Say: The Critical Element in Building Rapport"


February 2007
"Signal when turning" Gender Communication"


January 2007
"The Space Invaders: Is America Becoming More Rude?"


Smart Talk articles for 2006


December 2006
"A mind which really lays hold of a subject is not easily detached from it." - Ida Tarbell


November 2006
Ouch! That Hurts:
"The Three Golden Rules for Dealing with Difficult People"- Golden Rule 3


Oct 2006
"Ouch! That Hurts:
The Three Golden Rules for Dealing with Difficult People"- Golden Rule 2


Sept 2006
"Ouch! That Hurts:
The Three Golden Rules for Dealing with Difficult People" - Golden Rule 1


July 2006
"Under Fire: Rules of Engagement with a Bully"


June 2006
“What Were They Thinking? Prevention of Sexual Harassment for the Uninformed”


May 2006
“Seven Most Asked Questions” “He Speaks,She Speaks: What Different Things They Say.”


April 2006
"PROCESS (women) versus GOAL (men) styles of communicating"


March 2006
The Freedom to Communicate What We Really Need, Want, Feel and Believe!"


February 2006
"Reach Out and Touch Someone:
Think Twice!"


January 2006
"Taking the Ouch Out of Difficult People"