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Audrey was interviewed by Men's Health about how men handle conflict.-
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Audrey was interviewed by Men's Health about how men and women should handle conflict at home.

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Audrey was featured in May 2013 Diversity Woman for the article: He Said, She Said: Conquering the Office Communication Gap. - Click here for article







Audrey was featured in Men's Health News (November 2011) Woman-Speak: Decoded! Click here for article

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Audrey was interviewed for the May
2012 issue of Men’s Health Magazine.

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mens Audrey was consulted for an article for June 2011 issue of Men’s Health Magazine.
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WeMagazine (2/11)- Empowering Women in Business and Life. Worth Reading: Code Switching - Click here for article


interviewed by AOL on Code Switching: How to Talk so Men will Listenby Aaron Crowe at (10/30/10)
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Code Switching gets in the Top Selling Women’s Magazine in US.  See Cosmopolitan magazine's September issue and Audrey "Read His (Sexy) Lips" p. 75. On stands now!- Click here for article


Phoenix Woman(7/10)
Be Heard! Talking Techniques That Work - Click here for article


Audrey was interviewed by Women’s World.
Woman's World is a American supermarket weekly magazine with a circulation of 1.6 million readers. It has held the title of most popular newsstand magazine, and continues to be the best-selling women's publication, with sales of 77 million copies in 2004. Audrey’s Article can be found on “Experts Page” Issue 37,Dated 9/13 and on stands 9/6.




Men More Affected than Woman by Ups and Downs of Relationships (6/11/10) Take it Harder, Turn to Drugs and Alcohol
- By COURTNEY HUTCHISON - Click for article


The Advisor (12/2009)
HR Managers' Unspoken Messages: Your Face Says It All - Click here for article


YAHOO (11/2009)
He Said, She Said: How Men and Women Talk at Work -  
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Colorado Parent (Fall 2009)
Boys will be boys and girls will be girls - as soon as their gender is announced - Click here for article


Reuters (10/8/09) for Reuters. Within 12 hours of the article being posted MSNBC, ABC, Forbes and many international publications picked it up. Click here for article


Audrey is featured as a Men’s Health magazine “expert advisor” in the May and June 2010 issues.“Talk Your Way Into Her Heart” May issue - Click here for article







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Denver Women’s Magazine“When Mothers and Daughters Talk” April/May 2008- Click here for article



Denver Women’s Magazine “Split Ear Advantage”
August 2007- Click here for article


"A Barcode on her Forehead" in COBIZ Magazine May. 2007, p.12 - Click here for article


How to Manage a Toxic Boss -
February 2009 - click here for article

Please Don't Go: Mentoring for Keeps! -
May 2007 - click here for article


How to talk to men in the workforce
February 2010 - Click here for article

Why he won't tell you his New Year's Resolutions - January 2009 - Click here for article

"The Crying Game” - November 2008 -
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“Gender Flexing” - October 2008 - Click here for article

"Why women think men don't listen” - September 2008 -Click here for article



"Hey,Let me finish!" -Fall 2007 - click here to view article

"The Evil Twins: Email and Voicemail" - Fall 2007 - Click here for article

“Go Home and Put on Some Clothes” - August 2007 - Click herefor article

What were they thinking? -
"Sexual Harassement is Alive and Thriving in the workplace"
Fall 2006 pg 16 - Click here for article