Juggling Act: Keeping All the Home and Work Balls in the Air

I have so much guilt; I can start my own religion.
Tori Amos, Singer-songwriter

In today’s world of work, you have to confront a vast array of new pressures and challenges. But even while stressful and demanding, this is a time of expanding horizons and limitless opportunities. Realizing the promise of the new world, however, calls for a new approach – new habits, new plans, and new attitudes. On top of all that, we have our home and family life to attend to! How is that possible? A “Juggling Act” has become a necessity. We must learn to “Put It All Together” and create a pleasant, nurturing, and growth oriented lifestyle.

  • Identify “performance zones”: energy, low energy, burnout and anxiety.
  • Why we can’t say “No”
  • The pitfalls of the Super Woman Syndrome
  • What Happened to My Weekends?
  • The Double Whammy: The “Sandwich Generation”
  • High Priority: What are your priorities? Rank order, starting with your most important order.
    · Occupational satisfaction
    · Financial security
    · Sense of accomplishment
    · Spouse
  • The Three “ Shoulds” to Avoid
    I should do it all myself
    I should be perfect
    I should be liked by everyone
  • Six key values: How to Achieve Balance
    1. Physical condition- health
    2. Financial
    3. Home- family
    4. Profession- career
    5. Training and mental development
    6. Self-fulfillment